Production Partners

From your creations to our ovens….

If you are looking for a facility to source, produce, package and fulfill your product, we are your one stop shop! Our Kosher certified, third party food safety accredited facility will allow you to rest assured your product is in professional, experienced and safe hands.

Time Management:

Free yourself from day to day challenges associated with production and focus on what you do best: sales & marketing and growth. Use your creativity for product and packaging development. Use us for all your production and processing needs. Your concerns become:

Our responsibility:

  • Supervision of production to your specifications
  • Quality control assurance
  • Meet production goals

Cost Control:

Outsourcing your production allows you to better manage overhead costs, reduce overall facility costs, and eliminate the headaches of managing production personnel. Take advantage of our relationship with our vendors and use our buying power to reduce ingredient costs. Expenses associated with a production facility, maintenance, tax, and workers’ compensation issues become our responsibility.

Industry Knowledge & Experience:

The Boschetto’s, with 4 generations, have been able to sustain in the baking industry by providing quality products and an exceptional commitment to service. We have been able to cultivate positive relationships with our customers and vendors.


Boston Baking Inc. is committed to providing an exceptional product at a fair price. Utilizing our experienced resources we are committed to assisting your company in developing new and exciting products and helping you achieve your sales goals.

If you are interested in partnering with Boston Baking, please fill out the form below and our VP of Sales, Kristen Boschetto, will get back to you as soon as possible!

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