Director of Operations

Robert J. Boschetto


Print7 (1)Robert J. Boschetto is a third-generation baker who opened his first retail bakery in 1978. By 1986, Bob had developed his bakery business into two retail stores and a wholesale business servicing the greater Boston area.

As the wholesale business began to grow, Bob felt a need to strengthen his management background. In 1988, he received his Masters of Science in Applied Management at Lesley College in Cambridge. His thesis was titled, “The Impact of Office Automation on Performance in a Small Business”. He utilized this research to successfully automate his wholesale business for increased efficiency and customer service.

The wholesale business grew by competing on quality and service rather than on price. This attention to detail enabled the business to secure accounts with some of the most discriminating hotels and restaurants in the Boston area.

Despite these accomplishments in the baking industry, Bob had a strong conviction that bagels (an ethnic food) were about to go mainstream. Acting on this prediction, in 1991 he formed Boston Bagel, Inc. Within a few years, Bob had determined that the growth and potential of Boston Bagel, Inc. would require a more dedicated commitment to this company. So in 1996, Bob sold all other wholesale operations and focused exclusively on Boston Bagel, Inc., developing a plan to expand production capacity and concentrating on new product development.

With the Atkins Revolution taking hold in the early 2000’s, bagel sales (along with all carbohydrates) took a turn for the worse. Bob saw that an alternative was needed to weather this storm, and he went back to his early baking days and began offering our “Bake Shop Quality” gourmet baked goods.

In 2004, with bagel sales still soft, Bob made the decision to focus his efforts on expanding the other products. He chose to close Boston Bagel and went to work as Director of Operations for Julee (his wife) and Kristen (his daughter) at Boston Baking, Inc. Bob saw an opportunity in contract baking (production partnering) and, representing over 25 years of baking experience, he convinced the other two to begin offering this service.  Bob has been the driving force in modernizing our facility by researching and developing the latest in production flow, designs and equipment. The new equipment has enabled Boston Baking to diversify its product line, produce larger runs and offer competitive priced products.

This new business venture coupled with Bob’s experience and knowledge of the industry has been critical in the success and growth for Boston Baking.