About Us


Boston Baking is a family owned business with 4 generations of baking experience. The Boschettos have been involved in the baking industry since the early 1900’s, when our great-grandfather emigrated from Italy to the United States to establish a bakery in the North End of Boston.
Today, we are a solution driven commercial bakery propelled by our commitment to excellence and innovation. From our team members to our customers, our mission is to make everyday life more pleasurable. In alignment with our mission, vision, and values, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services within the food service, retail, and production partnering industries. We have systems and solutions in place that will support the success of your bakery program. We specialize in components and finished products such as pie shells, whoopie pies, coffee cakes, and more. Not only are we known for our gourmet products but also for our flexibility and willingness to work with our customers and their customization needs.

In keeping with family tradition, Boston Baking, Inc. strives for Quality, Value, and Innovation QVI. QVI is incorporated throughout every function at Boston Baking Inc. We strive for excellence from the time the ingredients are mixed to the moment your product is delivered. Throughout this process, quality is maintained through our rigorous food safety programs. Our renowned “bake shop quality” is sure to make your bakery program a success. Our new line of health-conscious, zero trans fats products are an example of our commitment to innovation.