Shipping Manager

Catalina Pérez

Catalina joined Boston Baking as a Team Leader in the Shipping Department in early 2017. She proved to be an important part of the team with her hard work and perseverance. In mid- 2017, she was asked to take on the role of Shipping Manager. With her calm demeanor and quiet approach to leadership she shows positive signs of excelling at her new role.

In 2012, Catalina moved to the United States from Colombia looking to grow and challenge herself professionally. While in Colombia, Catalina attended Universidad Católica Luis Amigo, where she studied Business Administration with a concentration in Economics. She discovered her passion for Business when she helped run her family’s business. In the United States Catalina worked as the Assistant Manager in a fulfillment company that provided services such as warehousing and inventory management giving her valuable management skills.

Today, Catalina’s responsibilities include working directly with her Team Leader to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to. In addition, she is responsible for the quality and efficiencies of receiving, storage, packaging, fulfillment, shipping, inventory control, and deliveries.

In her spare time, Catalina loves to travel and enjoys staying active. She participates in activities such as swimming, volleyball, and rollerblading. She is committed to continuing to grow with the Boston Baking family and being a part of the company’s success.